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We understand your problem, as who likes to be alone but to find someone in this modern world can be really difficult and time-consuming. We don’t just speak about those „Let’s find someone parties“, which ones we still enjoy, even if no one will call us to set up the first date on the next morning. Although, it could be that we are not in the mood or don’t have time to go out or just our wingman calls sick.

What is plan B? The good old online dating. The dating sites exist for a long time now and they are good. The only problem that it takes ages to set a well-performing profile, right? We know all of this, that’s why we developed the random video chat site.

It takes you no more than a few clicks to allow you to chat with users around the world, although, if you wanted you can adjust the filters to the desired geographical location and for the age range you are looking to meet with. Yes, that’s the end of the list. That is all you need to filter and the system immediately looking for a chat partner for you. Does it sound interesting for you?

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On an online dating site, it takes hours of hard work to edit our photos which we want to add on our profile to let us show off our best. Actually, we have to build another superb social media profile and then hope, that the prince charming or the super hot chic will be interested in us once we drop off the mask of Photoshop edits and meet them at the first time. Let’s be honest, probably their photos had a good amount of filters as well. On the no registration video chat you just need to add your location and your age, let’s talk about everything else personally. Is it not easier, quicker and a lot more exciting to asks someone directly what you want to know about them?

What’s the most amazing part of the idea? That everyone will be given a chance, it could be the person who you just chatting with doesn’t do active sports, but maybe can’t wait to share their next holiday with you or probably has a fascinating sense of humour.

Why should you choose

Our goal was to create the best opportunity to find a partner in this modern world. The source of our idea comes from the speed dating, which allowed you to meet more than one people in a short period of time, but it had its backsides. Such as you had to wait until an event and you had to get there somehow, etc.

Although, the idea of the video chat existed as well, as you probably already heard about Chatroulette and the Omegle websites.

We have taken these ideas and created the best version of chat rulett for you, to allow you the meet new people randomly.

Are you still thinking what should you do? The website is free for you to use. You don’t have to share a lot of details about you in advance to register on the website, so it’s not just safer, but you can save plenty of time with living out these usual registration forms. Only allow a few seconds to the system to find you a dating partner and just give yourself. There is no need to deal with Photoshop editing, but obviously, a hint of makeup or a good-looking shirt can give you an extra boost on your „first online date“, but this is really up to you.